New Course: Cognitive Bias in Negotiations

Cognitive biases are psychological tendencies that cause the human brain to draw incorrect conclusions.
Most negotiators have difficulties processing all of the information they receive correctly and therefore have a tendency to make systematic errors when they process this information. These errors, also known as cognitive bias, are known to negatively influence our negotiation performance.

Our new high-impact e-learning course ‘Cognitive Bias in Negotiatons’ provides learners with a detailed insight on:

  • the types of cognitive bias;
  • how to avoid bias; and
  • how to use bias to your advantage in negotiations.

The cognitive biases being covered include:

  1. Anchor bias
  2. Small sample size bias
  3. Sunk cost bias
  4. Halo effect
  5. Competitiveness bias
  6. Prepayment bias
  7. Attribution bias
  8. Confirmation bias
  9. Framing effect

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