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Course Competences

Our extensive experience in the industry is the basis for our knowledge of the competences that procurement professionals need. We have designed highly effective training programs to fill skill gaps and improve employee performance to the level needed to succeed. 

Twelve different fields of knowledge and hundreds of titles cover all relevant skills but the important part is identifying which are most beneficial to your company. That is why we build customized training programs that address your organization’s specific needs with personalized skill enhancement plans for your employees.

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Learners will know how to read a supplier’s balance sheet and profit and loss statement. They will learn how to assess the performance of their own organization and stability of suppliers through use of financial terms such as EBITDA / Working Capital and ratios including ROTA and ROE.

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These courses build an understanding of the importance of procurement and how to sell value to stakeholders. Includes how to create a vision for a procurement team and how to deliver sustainable value through a departmental strategy. Also includes learning strategic procurement topics such as Supplier Diversity, Sustainability and Outsourcing.

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Category Management

Teach employees how to set-up a cross-functional team to manage a category. They will learn how to conduct a spend analysis, manage cost saving programs alongside stakeholders, and use influencing and project skills to manage the category. Learners will know the steps and toolkits to develop and implement a business-appropriate category strategy.

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Cost Management

Procurement teams will be able to apply a total cost focus (TCO). They will understand how to perform a Cost Breakdown Analysis, estimate costs and execute Value Analysis/Value Engineering. This competence sits alongside Digital Procurement in providing learners with a statistical approach to delivering savings through a detailed analysis of costs.

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Learners will understand the end-to-end RFI and RFP processes, including their roles in assessing business needs and challenging specifications. They will be able to conduct a market analysis, define stakeholder requirements and create and run tenders leading to selection and award. Courses on creating effective e-sourcing events and e-auctions.

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Contract & Supplier Management

Included are courses such as measuring and improving supplier performance, supplier development, auditing compliance, risk management and supplier resilience. Contract owners and managers will understand the administration of contracts through storage, expiry and renewal.

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Digital Procurement

This competence area enables procurement learners to understand big data analytics and the practical application of modern automation and digital technology. It equips them to engage in process improvement within procurement and advise stakeholder departments when looking for process efficiencies. Included are RPA/AI and Blockchain.

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Your employees will understand how to plan and prepare negotiation meetings, set objectives and conduct negotiations using cognitive biases, game theory and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). They will be able to achieve additional savings and understand how to establish Win-Win supplier relationships through effective negotiation.

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Legal & Regulatory

Learners will understand the elements of a legally binding contract, how to use legal terms and conditions, manage legal disputes and apply key clauses such as Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). This knowledge is applicable for all legal jurisdictions and includes courses on important international legislation such as 2020 Incoterms and GDPR.

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Operational Procurement

These courses instruct learners on the practical implementation of the Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) cycle. They will be able to drive compliance targets through reducing maverick buying and transactional costs or using procurement techniques such as guided-buying through catalogues, e-procurement, VMI and purchase cards.

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Project Management

Learners will be able to act as a project manager. From forming a team and setting up project governance to hand-over of a successfully completed project. Competence includes building a plan with critical path analysis and resource planning, soft skills for change management, managing stakeholders and building a high-performing team.

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Buying & Merchandising

Retail learners will understand the role played by the buyer. This competence includes courses addressing global sourcing and supplier audits which are applicable outside retail. Learners will understand considerations about 3rd party manufacturing location and reputational/exchange rate risks as well as building profitable product ranges.

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