Tailored for your team. Designed for lightning-fast set-up

Customized Set-up

Time is the only non-renewable resource. This is why our refined set-up process, from the initial skill level evaluation to mapping out a fully custom-built training plan, will get your team learning in a matter of weeks.

  • Skills Gap Assessment 
  • Role-based Program
  • Personalized Learning Plans

Set clear training objectives for each individual and for entire team 

In order to create an efficient training plan, we first assess the skill level of your employees – either by our proprietary online test, or by an online self-appraisal questionnaire. Next, we compare the individual proficiency levels with a set of industry standards. Based on these factors we map a fully personalized learning journey, optimal for mastering the skills required to excel in a given role.

Personalized role-based training with focused skill acquisition

Having trained over 300,000 individuals across the globe, we have a deep understanding of various requirements and demands brought by a diverse range of positions. Our experienced onboarding team will help you identify the roles, define and single out the target levels of proficiency for each employee. All of our training is perfectly aligned with the practical requirements of the employee’s individual expertise, position and the overall needs of your specific organization. 

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