High-impact E-Learning truly makes a difference

No other procurement specialist has a more dedicated focus on E-Learning than Procurement-Academy. Consequently, the quality of the E-Learning has always been a highly distinctive feature.

Based on solid research, High-Impact E-Learning has a drastically higher learning effect than you would expect from other E-Learning courses and is much appreciated by virtually all of the learners.

A recent survey of 350 Procurement Academy learners reveals that a stunningly high percentage of respondents truly like the High-Impact E-Learning.

When asked to score the E-Learning on a five-point scale, the respondents (n=350) almost unanimously rated High-Impact E-Learning (very) highly. Moreover, no less than 90% confirmed that they would recommend the courses to their colleagues.

E-learning Appreciation Survey

Unlike traditional E-Learning, which is mostly PowerPoint or pdf-based, High-Impact E-Learning has an attractive instructional and visual design providing an engaging learning experience for our learners. The flash-animated design ensures that learners remain attentive during the entire course, one of the most challenging tasks for all E-Learning designers.
High-Impact E-Learning has a 10 times longer development time but the survey confirms it pays off: the quality of training is too important to nibble over quality.

If you are interested in getting more information on the results of our most recent Customer Satisfaction Survey, please send an email to info@procurement-academy.com to receive your copy of the full report.