Multi-device e-learning with HTML5

We are pleased to announce that all our e-learning courses, previously built in Flash, have now been converted to HTML5, the new industry standard. This means that our learners will now be able to view Procurement Academy courses on a variety of devices, including smartphones and tablets. The usage of mobile devices shows rapid growth. However, with fewer smartphones and tablets being able to support Flash these days, HTML5, a mobile-friendly alternative, is becoming the new favorite among eLearning professionals.

The biggest advantage of multi-device e-learning is that it gives learners more flexibility when following their learning plans. HTML5 gives us the possibility to create eLearning deliverables that can be accessed anywhere, whenever it’s most convenient for the learner. They can, for example, view courses on a tablet while travelling. Another important advantage is that HTML5, compared to Flash, offers improved security and a smoother integration with recent browsers. HTML5 can immediately be accessed on Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Apple Safari or Mozilla Firefox without having to download a plug-in that enables the web browser to comprehend the code.

This conversion is part of Procurement Academy’s continuous improvement initiatives to provide state of the art e-learning modules. The courses have automatically been upgraded and our learners will have immediate and unlimited access to the new functionality.