“Why do we need Buyers?”

Internal customers often lack a good understanding of the benefits procurement can bring to their own work and projects and maintaining a sound relationship with internal stakeholders is therefore one of the most challenging tasks for buyers. 

Formal procurement processes are often perceived as time consuming and too focused on price-negotiations alone. Moreover, stakeholders are often afraid to jeopardize the ‘preferential’ relationship they have with current suppliers and they see the procurement department as intruders in this relationship.

To help overcome these misconceptions and emphasize synergies between procurement and the other departments, Procurement Academy has developed a 30’ High-impact E-Learning course to provide stakeholders with a ‘crash course’ in procurement.

This unique course should significantly improve relationships between internal customers and buyers.

The 30’ online course will allow stakeholders to:

  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of the different parties in the procurement process (RFP).
  • Discover the benefits of collaborating with procurement:
    • Better quality at similar or lower cost
    • Risk mitigation and continuity of supply
  • Learn how to utilize the procurement department’s specific capacity and leverage their expertise to their own advantage.
  • Focus on main tasks and responsibilities by delegating the more time-consuming steps of the RFP process to the procurement department.

Please click the image below to access our wall of demo’s on Youtube, and view an extract of the “How to collaborate with procurement” course.

How To Collaborate with Procurement - Youtube Demo 

To request your free access to a relevant section of this course and to learn how it can benefit your organisation, please send a mail to info@procurement-academy.com or give us a call on +32 11 77 14 12.

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